Cloud Service Providers


The BTA (Bequant TCP Acceleration) product can improve the responsiveness of applications hosted in a cloud data center, especially when those applications are accessed from wireless networks (WiFi, 3G, 4G...). As an example, the following table shows results for Amazon AWS when accessed from users in an LTE network:

Amazon AWS Access Network
Latency < 10ms
Access Network
Latency 10ms - 60ms
Access Network
Latency > 60ms
< 100 Kbytes
34% 23% 80%
> 100 Kbytes
69% 74% 182%

Note the improvement even for very close content (less than 10ms of latency) thanks to Bequant highly optimized TCP implementation.


The BTA runs on the Bequant BQN platform, which can be deployed in off-the-shelf Intel-based servers, virtual machines (KVM or VMware vSphere hypervisors) or integrated into other network equipment blades. The BQN can be deployed inline at the data centers of cloud service providers.