Over 70 networks world-wide, and new South Africa distributor

Bequant closes 2019 with over 70 networks world-wide, and with a new distribution agreement in South Africa with Miro

 December 31, 2019

MADRID, Spain. Bequant is proud to announce that it is closing 2019 with its product deployed in over seventy networks world-wide, with customers in Europe, America, Africa, and Asia.

Among our new USA customers, we are very happy to have Aeronet in Puerto Rico and Cherry Capital Communications in Michigan. Aeronet's President, Gino Villarini, shared with us that "When we decided to test Bequant’s solution we were very skeptical about how much could it improve our connectivity and the QoE of our customers, but it really showed a great improvement in our network, so we decided to go ahead and deploy it in our network." Tim Maylone, the CEO at Cherry Capital Communications explained to us that they "installed a Bequant device in a small market containing 300 subscribers. Within two weeks, the number of calls associated with poor performance were virtually eliminated. The interface is simple to use and installation process was straight forward. The same experience occurred in a larger market with 1,000 devices. The relationship with other products such as Preseem is complementary."

In Europe, among many new customers, we now count with some large ISPs like Fibracat, Excom, ib-red, and Viva Fibra. Rosario Pingaro, the CEO of Convergenze, an ISP offering both wireless and fiber access in Italy, told us: "We installed Bequant for a trial, but we were initially very skeptical, because we had tried similar solutions in the past from other vendors, and they didn’t work at all. The story was completely different this time: we fell in love with the streaming quality benefits our customers got in all the different access technologies we have: wireless, copper and fiber. A satisfied Bequant customer.”

In Latin America, we already have seven customers in Mexico, including DigitalNet and Enlaces TR, three customers in Argentina, two customers in Ecuador, and one in Peru. We are also very glad to count with a first customer in South Africa and a first customer in Asia: NetNam. Thang Nguyen, CTO of NetNam Corporation, remarked that "being the first ISP in Vietnam and the leading ISP for luxurious clients as 5-star hotels, NetNam is happy that Bequant could help us to optimize our network system. We did some testing with Bequant TCP and the results were more than our expectation. Based on an easy deployment and a great improvement in the speed of our network, we decided to deploy Bequant in our network.”

In South Africa, we have signed distribution agreement with Miro, the local leader equipment distributor for ISP networks. As a result, we are now deployed in several networks, including Interworks, where Theunis Coetzee, commented "Bequant’s product accelerates true end-to-end connectivity. This includes the internal wifi at the end-user, which allows the product to improve streaming to wirelessly connected TV's, even if the streaming server is local. Since deploying our BQN, the amount of support calls complaining about low speedtest.net results and buffering when streaming via internal wifi dropped tremendously. Overall, we have a much happier customer base."

About Bequant

Bequant is a leader in TCP Optimization. Its Bequant TCP Acceleration (BTA) product increases the speed of TCP/IP connections by over 100%, improving the quality of video streaming and accelerating web downloads and uploads speed experienced by network users. Its new DPI Analysis and Bandwidth Managment funcionality allow a more thorough network control and optimization.

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