Bequant deployed in the USA

Bequant announces its first US customer: Jenco Wireless

 November 28, 2018

We are glad to announce our first customer in the USA for our TCP Optimization solution: Jenco Wireless!

The Ohio-based WISP wanted to improve the quality of experience of their customers, especially with streaming applications such as Netflix, and after a successful trial, they have decided to deploy our solution in their network, joining our community of over 20 customers world-wide.

Brad Hagstrom, the owner of Jenco Wireless, describes best his experience with us and his opinion about our product:

Our network’s wireless links were maxed out during prime-time due to ever increasing usage by every single customer. When I saw the WISPA ad for Bequant’s solution I jumped on it. They were extremely helpful with the installation and setup. All I had to do was purchase a server PC and install the image they sent me.

Before Bequant we were constantly getting complaints like “my Netflix is buffering” or “I am running slow” even though the customers were receiving their full allotted bandwidth. In the last two weeks since implementing the Bequant solution we have not received a single complaint! What a relief. It has been worth every penny. It is a great solution for the shortcomings inherent in the WISP industry.

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