Bequant deployed in Plains Internet

Bequant announces its fourth US customer: Plains Internet

 March 15, 2019

MADRID, Spain. Bequant is proud to announce a new customer in the USA for its TCP Optimization solution: Plains Internet, a high-speed Wireless ISP from Amarillo, Texas.

Matt Sae Eai, Plains Internet’s Network Operations Manager, shared with us his experience with our product:

We tested the Bequant TCP Acceleration (BTA) product for a couple of weeks and the results were impressive. So good in fact, we decided to purchase four devices and are considering buying two more. BTA has definitely provided an improved streaming service experience for our customers across the board, resulting in fewer truck rolls and higher customer satisfaction.

For further validation of the speed improvements, we ran several tests which resulted in showing a significant improvement in the speed of the link of up to 100% with BTA inline. We also performed multiple download tests with large files and measured up to a 40% speed improvement.

On top of speed improvements, the installation of Bequant’s appliance is plug-and-play, making it incredibly easy to deploy. We also received great support and concise reporting of achieved results from Bequant during the entire trial process. This product is a winner in helping us achieve better performance for our customers.

"After Jenco Wireless,, and Splash Wireless Internet, we are honoured to have Plains Internet as our fourth the USA and 27th world-wide. We shall now support them to the best of our abilities, in day-to-day operations and providing new functionality that adds value to their business", said Jose Lopez, Bequant's CEO.

The sale was led by Michael Sheward, the President of Solutions4ebiz, Bequant’s distributor in the USA and Canada.

About Plains Internet

Plains Internet is based in Amarillo, Texas, and provides high speed wireless internet in rural and urban areas in the Texas Panhandle.

About Solutions4ebiz

Based in Indiana, Solutions4ebiz has provided, for over 20 years, advanced solutions for the Wireless ISP market, including network optimization, billing and operational support systems.

About Bequant

Bequant is a leader in TCP Optimization. Its Bequant TCP Acceleration (BTA) product increases the speed of TCP/IP connections by over 100%, improving the quality of video streaming and accelerating web downloads and uploads speed experienced by network users.

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