USA and Canada Distributor, and new US Customer

Bequant announces USA and Canada Distributor, and a new US customer:

 January 7th, 2019

MADRID, Spain. Solutions4ebiz, an Indiana-based distributor focused on advanced solutions for the Wireless ISP market, and Bequant, a software compnay specialized in TCP Optimization, have signed a Distribution Agreement. Under this agreement, Solutions4ebiz will commercialize the Bequant TCP Acceleration (BTA) product in the USA and Canada for the Wireless ISP market.

"Our BTA product is already in commercial service in more than 20 networks around the world, including now two in the USA. We expect that our partnership with Solutions4ebiz will allow us to expand in North America, providing an experienced local point of contact for sales and support", said Jose Lopez, Bequant's CEO.

Michael Sheward, the President of Solutions4ebiz, added: "we have started our relationship in the best possible way: announcing a new WISP customer, Ohio-based With our long experience providing advanced network products to the Wireless ISP market, and the spectacular results obtained by the Bequant product, we hope to deliver the best possible service to US and Canada customers".

About is a Wireless ISP based in Willard, in North Central Ohio. It provides both Internet and TV services to its customers.

About Solutions4ebiz

Based in Indiana, Solutions4ebiz has provided, for over 20 years, advanced solutions for the Wireless ISP market, including network optimization, billing and operational support systems.

About Bequant

Bequant is a leader in TCP Optimization. Its Bequant TCP Acceleration (BTA) product increases the speed of TCP/IP connections by over 100%, improving the quality of video streaming and accelerating web downloads and uploads speed experienced by network users.