The Bequant TCP Acceleration (BTA) improves the performance of TCP traffic from multiple branches to an enterprise centralized data center. In this centralized approach there is no need for deploying optimizers on the branches, which saves money and simplifies deployment and maintenance. In addition, optimization is done without breaking end to end encryption, so the security of valuable data and applications is not compromised.

Acceleration Results

This section shows the acceleration obtained in an Enterprise with Wifi and fiber Internet access. The performance of each individual TCP transfer (downlink and uplink) is registered and the accelerated results are compared with the non-accelerated ones to obtain the acceleration percentage (the increase in average speed).

This chart shows a comparison of the downlink mean speeds for different services.

This chart shows a comparison of the uplink mean speeds for different services.


The Bequant software runs on Bequant Nodes (BQN), which can be transparently deployed at the central data center as a bump-in-the-wire in front of corporate servers and Internet access.

While a one-ended deployment (with the BQN in one centralized data center) offers important economic advantages, two-ended deployments (with the BQN in multiple branches) delivers improved performance.