The BTA (Bequant TCP Acceleration) product improves the performance of TCP traffic from multiple branches to an enterprise centralized data center. In this centralized approach there is no need for deploying optimizers on the branches, which saves money and simplifies deployment and maintenance.

The following table shows the data traffic speed increase measured in an international retailer, when accessing its data centers from their branch offices through their WAN optimized with BTA:

Access Network
Latency < 30ms
Access Network
Latency 30ms - 45ms
Access Network
Latency > 45ms
< 500 Kbytes
48.8% 44.5% 63.0%
> 500 Kbytes
45.7% 31.3% 43.3%

The BTA can also accelerate the enterprise connectivity to Internet, especially for traffic originated in WiFi connections.


The BTA runs on the Bequant BQN platform, which can be deployed in off-the-shelf Intel-based servers, virtual machines (KVM or VMware vSphere hypervisors) or integrated into other network equipment blades. The BTA/BQN can be deployed at the Enterprise Data Center, in-line, in front of corporate servers and Internet access.

While a one-ended deployment (with the BTA in one centralized data center) offers important economic advantages, two-ended deployments (with the BTA in multiple branches) delivers improved performance.