Fiber/Cable/ADSL ISPs

Bequant is a traffic acceleration system that has greatly improved the experience of our customers. In the WiFi network it optimizes images and video (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, ...) maximizing the quality and the speed. It is also highly recommended in fiber links. Very easy to deploy: zero problems, zero maintenance, just connect it and you see the difference from day one


The Bequant TCP Acceleration (BTA) overcomes TCP performance issues in fiber networks and domestic WiFi access, to provide tangible improvements in the quality of experience (QoE). Better QoE increases customer satisfaction and loyalty and raises the operator reputation, leading overall to higher revenues.

TCP has difficulties to reach fiber high speeds, specially when combined with a WiFi wireless access at customer premises. The BTA tackles these performance issues and raises the effective speed with real applications closer to the high nominal speed of fiber access.

When the interconnection link from the central office to the Internet is congested, the BTA can deliver traffic faster to end users, since all the traffic that makes it through the congested link can be delivered faster, especially when any retransmissions are required, which do not need to use the congested link.

Acceleration Results

This section describes the acceleration obtained with all the live traffic in a fiber ISP network. The performance of each individual TCP transfer (downlink and uplink) is registered and the accelerated results are compared with the non-accelerated ones to obtain the acceleration percentage (the increase in average speed). Additionaly, you can also look at our Netflix results in different kinds of ISPs.

This chart shows a comparison of the downlink mean speeds for different services.

This chart shows a comparison of the uplink mean speeds for different services.


The Bequant software runs on Bequant Nodes (BQN), which are transparently deployed as a bump-in-the-wire between the edge router/switch and the next router/switch towards the Internet. The BQN supports PPPoE and it can also be deployed between the Edge router/switch and the users.

The BQN only needs to be on the path of the traffic to optimize and it is compatible with other network elements such as traffic policers or shapers. It can also be deployed between clients and the edge router/switch, for example. The BQN supports PPPoE and VLAN traffic seamlessly.